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kwinslet_lims's Journal

Kate Winslet LIMS challenge community
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This is the Last Icon Maker Stading community features beautiful and talented Kate Winslet.
Anyone is invited to participate, regardless of skill level. Please read the following rules.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

- In order to participate, you must sign up for the round
- Icons must be new for this contest and remain anonymous until the results are posted.
- Icons must be in the LJ standard.
- Everybody automatically gets one skip. This allows you to not enter one round without being eliminated. However, skips may not be used in the first round or the final three rounds (when there are 5 people left). If you fail to enter an icon in those rounds or when you've already used your skip, you'll be disqualified. If you want to earn one more skip - you must promote this community
- Each week, the new challenge is posted and you have to enter your icon by the deadline. During the week you can change your entry as often as you want.
- All effects except animation are allowed unless otherwise stated in the challenge post.
- Each round there will be a People's Choice award. People's Choice is determined by votes. Whomever wins the People's Choice will be given IMMUNITY for the next round. It's discouraged for you to use your skip that week since you'll have immunity.
- When voting, reasons are not required, but highly encouraged. Makers really appreciate feedback.
- Some sessions may have comeback rounds depending on the amount of participants who originally signed up. This round will be for everyone who originally signed up but was eliminated during the session. The comeback round gives you a chance to be brought back in.

some of the rules are taken from scarlett_lims
If you'd like to affiliate with us,please comment to This Post with the name of your community and you'll be added to the list.

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